Escape Games at your venue


  • A portable escape game experience, set in the 1980’s.
  • Delivered in your home or a venue of your choice.
  • Up to 4 Teams compete against the clock & each other.
  • Teams are 3-5 people with the ideal team size being 4.
  • The game lasts approximately an hour.

Back Story:

  • You are part of the notorious Tiger Claw Gang, headed up by Vincent McVie (Vinnie).
  • Vinnie had to leave the country in a hurry but had time to hide the famous Mont De Vale Diamond before he left.
  • You have an hour to unlock the safe and find the diamond, before Vinnie’s other associates or the police get there.
  • To help you Vinnie has hidden lots of clues to help you crack the final code.
  • Be warned, it is set in the 1980s so you don’t have mobiles

To book an event at your venue please call Lianne 07886088980